Bonnie, thank you for sharing with us
and thank you for this beautiful award
Check out Kathi's cool site.  I had a good time surfing her pages.  I'm sure you will, too.
Thank you for signing my guestbook, your kind words and sharing your nice site
Thank you for signing my guestbook. I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit and I enjoyed my stay at your site, as well. 
Thank you, Bob.  I'm honored that you feel My Music Attic is worthy of your award.. 
This is a website that I know you'll thoroughly enjoy visiting.  It was created by Sandi Trahan, who you will find is a very talented lady.  She is a thoughtful & kind person and my friend, as well.  Sandi, thank you for sharing your site with us. 
"You go girl.....rock out!"  :>)
Thank you very much for the cute award, Sandi. 
I'm flattered that you chose my site to present it to.
Thank you, Richard and Sandi!
Thank you, Robin. I really appreciate this. 
You're very thoughtful and have a heart of gold.
Everyone-please click my new award above to visit Robin's site.
I know you'll be glad you did.
Above is the entrance to another gr8 graphics site. 
It was created by *Flowerhearts* (Robin's Mum).
I know you'll certainly enjoy a visit to her site, as well.
My Friends Sites and My Awards
Page 2
  Many thanks to you for this nice award. 
I'm very proud of it and feel honored that you
chose to present it to me. 
You're very welcome, Circe. 
I think a good site, as yours is, deserves recognition.
You may click on either of the two graphics below to visit Circe's Place.
Thank you very much for this nice award, Mar. 
Also, I truly want to thank you for understanding my apprehensions and assuring me that
My Music Attic, indeed, deserves this. 
I'm honored. 
You wanna take a nostalgic trip back to those wonderful bygone days of the 50s & 60s? 
Bud & Garnet (Mr. & Mrs. DooWop) are just the people to take you there. All you do to get started on your voyage is click on their banner above.
Their site is crammed full  of "oldies, but goodies".  Very graphic intense. 
Sandi (NurseBigRed) has created a wonderful site for you to enjoy. Please visit her home on the www and you'll immediately feel the love.....Sandi's love for music, for life and ultimately, for people in general.  You'll find many, many links on her site as well as pages of interesting browsing.  Meet Sandi, and you've met a very special lady.  Thanks to her for sharing.
(deceased 8-2005)
You most likely have visited and may even be a regular guest at
JD's gr8 music sites cuz they're some of the best out there.  No doubt you agree with me that they're certainly formatted nicely with some wonderful music artists. 
Thanks, JD, for sharing your handiwork with us.     
I'm honored to share with you one of the most awesome Oldies sites that I've seen.  Beverly and Mike are the creators and owners and I'm sure that they'll be very pleased if you will be their guest. 
Thanks to them for sharing their fond memories with us. 
Thank you for signing my guestbook.
Thank you, Sandi!
Bud and Garnet are also the
creators of 
"The Lighthouse"
I encourage everyone to visit them there. 
Thank you both for sharing your very nice website with us.
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Good Country Music. Good Country Entertainment. 

Bud and Garnet Casto are such a talented and creative couple. 
They now have built a wonderful Country website for us.  Please click on their banner above and be prepared for a very enjoyable visit. 
Thank you both for sharing once again.